About Me

 Leader Of Bully Free Twitch

Like many people we all face challenges. My challenges led me to Twitch and the creation of Bully Free Twitch Community and Team. My journey has never been an easy one, and will likely continue to have its challenges but I will face them head on not just for me, but for showing others that no matter what challenges you face to never give up! 
My goal is to hit partner and remain a full time streamer on Twitch. As I grow I want to spread the joy and love through my communities to help others grow and succeed as well. 
To read and learn more about me and my journey check out my twitch and about me tab section! 

Bully Free Twitch


Bully Free Twitch Community and Team, was created when many streamers were struggling dealing with harassment and bullying. Many awesome streamers were becoming discouraged and some were even debating on quitting. That is how Bully Free Twitch was born. To provide a safe haven for streamers, gamers, and their viewers to always have while growing their streams, gaming, or participating with their favorite streamers! 
Since then the community has grown with many streamers and gamers each day, specializing in various games, providing multiple networking tools, and becoming a home for tons of streamers to work together. If you would like to join the community to grow and game with us or find out how you can apply to the Bully Free Twitch Stream Team Click Below!

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Dawnstar Designs

My art has a special touch and love added into each and every piece.

Due to an accident, that has permanently disabled my dominant arm and hand. Each day I fight to keep use of it, to get better with it, and find new ways to grow. I have no feeling in my right arm or hand, along with limited use. This made it very hard to relearn to draw and create art pieces, but with hard work I have found new ways to create the art I provide today!

My services include digital designs and set ups for streamers, including logos, emotes, panels, badges and more! I create merchandise designs, creature sculptures, and sometimes custom traditional art pieces!

I am the Main Designer for Bully Free Twitch and Phoenix Cartel and Elite Art and Designs! 

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