Eternal Guardians Roleplay

Located On Jenova

Bully Free Twitch community has various interests in games and the most recent is Final Fantasy Online. From veteran to new players, we have come together to form the Eternal Guardians in this game. People play games to have an escape, joy, and fun. In this group we have club nights with live DJs and performers, tavern nights with Roleplay, among many other avenues for players to pursue (pve, raiding together).

Our Free Company house is located in Mist Ward 18, Plot 33. In which we are looking to upgrade in the future! All are welcome to come by! 

 To join contact DaniDawnstar Twitch in game, apply to Eternal Guardians FC, or contact me in our discord for more information!


fox the moogle or moogle the fox
our rp atm
our patio
I love our balcony haha

How It Started