Supporting The Stream

Your Support Makes All Of This Possible!

Thanks to those who have supported my stream and journey is how all of this came to be. The stream, the art, the funny moments, the community, and the team! All the support big or small are greatly appreciated and I thank you all for those who have supported me, continue to support me, or may be a new supporter! May the Journey we create be filled with adventure, surprise, and success!


Below are various ways you can help out if you choose to. Be it hanging out in the stream, hosting and raiding, it is always greatly appreciated and you are amazing! If you choose to support in any way Thank You from the bottom of my heart, and welcome to the family!

Ways to Support The Stream

The Legends

For me to continue this journey, your support is key. There are some that went above and beyond in 2018 to keep the stream and my art possible. Support from you guys allows me to do more, and bring more entertainment in various ways as time goes on. This is my thank you to our 2018 Legendary Supporters.

2018 Supporter Legends






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